The Phone Call

(Dyke, Him, He,fag,)

I- I’m just going to call and tell her (Rinng, ringgg)  uggh hello .

Mom- Yes Imani.

I- I have something to say.

Mom- Yes Imani what is it.

I- I’m gay.

Mom- What you say your phone breaking up?

I- I said im gay.

Mom- Imani I cant hear you.

I- I like girls I like the way they make me feel.

Mom- your breaking up, is everything ok.

I- I like girls, I like the way they’re shaped and their soft lips.

Mom- I cant hear you.

I- Please still love me for the way I am.

Mom- Wait there you go what you say?

I- I'm gay

Mom- dammit this phone

I- This one girl we’ve been talking for a minute now she makes me smile and I’m happy I just want you to accept me cant make it through this alone.

Mom- You said your hairs nappy want me to perm it, schools been tough you can do it your very strong 

I- I know I don’t suppose to like girls every time we went to church I learned it.

Mom- You say you been going to church thats good so when you want me to perm it.

I- No I said I was gay girls just make me feel a certain way 

Mom- I cant hear any words your saying fuck I hate .... (Your call has failed)

I- I failed her I failed everyone I cant continue  this way I cant be gay 

She hates me God says I’m not suppose to be like this 

They call the gay girls dykes and are mean to them 

If My mom wont even accept me who will 

Maybe when I go away people will understand 

I pick up knife and place it on my throat without even thinking my body just let go 

Mom- I wonder what imani was trying to say let me call back (Ring ringgggg)

This caller is no longer in service

This poem is about: 
My family


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