I cry.

I cry, I cry, I cry.

I drown - my mind draws a blank,

Everyone is flying,

Down, I drown.

One breath of air,

But I don't see the source of oxygen.

I breathe, but small, cautious breaths.

Are you my savior,

Will you save me from my drowning,

My dark abyss I enter day and day again?


I am depressed.

What is this word?

Is it being stuck in bed all day?

Am I depressed,

Or a stereotypical picture in my mind,

Preventing me from help.

But I have help, 

I have hope.

And life is not a cage,

Not a room closing in on me.

Life has opportunities,

And I can seize the day.

I am not drowning,

I am just beginning to fly.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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