The Phoenix


The Phoenix

Where are you?

Did you leave me?

You promised that you would never do that,

But I guess that you have.

Why would you do that?

I trusted you,

And you betrayed me.

I am lost without you.

And now I feel cold and empty inside,

Like Demeter without Persephone.   


You left me.

You, of all people.

You were an anchor, you kept me sane.

But now you are gone.

I thought I saw you the other day while I was walking across the street.

You, and your iridescent blue eyes,

The color of a peacocks’ feathers

But it wasn’t you.


Did you know that I cry?




I cry, like Hercules did

After he killed his family.

And that is what you did –

You killed me

And my spirit.

You taught me a valuable lesson, but in the most






But now I am finished.

You have taken enough from me.

I will be a phoenix,

Rising from the ashes.

I will not be a coward

Like you were.

I will stay, and I will fight.

Like Ares did for Aphrodite.


The thought of you makes me sick.

You pretended to be someone you were not

And I fell for it.

That will never happen again.

I promise you that.

I will build walls around my heart

As tall as the Great Wall of China.

Nobody will be allowed in.


Do you know what?

I refuse to be weak.

I refuse to be fragile.

I refuse to let your absence destroy me.


The sun greeted me this morning

Its rays resting on my face

And for the first time in a long time,

I felt at peace,

Like everything was going to be ok.

And now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And nothing will stop me from reaching it.




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