Phenomenal Woman part.2


We dress up and make-up to impress on a daily basis
With mascara and tear stains on our faces we still smile
Because we know we are the strength that keeps you warm
We’ve been through it all, the rise and the falls….
The brownness of our skin and the thickness in our hips
You can’t resist, to the point where we are brutalized, used and abused
Our fight in this world is the development of our history
And the fact that we still stand strong is a sign of our victory
We will not be reduced to nothingness because without us, you wouldn’t be something
To my Beautiful Black Women, you’re more than that man standing or sitting next to you
You’re better than that man
That constantly brings you down to the dirt
And he doesn’t understand the hurt that you feel
But you’ve got to get on your feet because that’s the only way to heel
To my Beautiful Black Women
You’re better than that man that
Treats you like some old pair of shoes
Labeling you his “side-chick” and disregarding you like old news
Pick up your pride and realize, you deserve so much better than him
To my Beautiful Black Women, My Sisters from another mother
Stop dragging each other’s name in the dirt
Stop lifting your skirts for money because you’re ignorant of your worth
Stop taking anything less than what you deserve
Because if you haven’t heard this from Maya Angelou or Anybody Else
You are a PHENOMENAL woman, Desirable in every way
Capable of great things
Don’t let nobody step on you like a door-mat
Your body is a temple and you should adore that
You’re gifted with a brain, so use it to sustain the glory bestowed upon you
And to the naive men in this world
Remember when you use to suck on our flesh to obtain nourishment
Remember when we use to starve so that you can be fed
And remember when we laid our lives down so that you will survive
Stop placing us in categories we don’t belong
We always want the best for you so STOP wishing the worst for us
We’re all brothers and sisters
In a disastrous world like this, we must stick together
If we’re constantly bringing each other down, no one’s gonna rise up
So wise up and listen, I noticed something missing
Whether it be LOVE, TRUST, or LOYALTY
We all gotta STEP-UP and fix it
I take pride in my woman-hood
I love the curves in my hips
The fullness of my lips
The stars in my eyes
And the curls in my hair
I will NOT be walked on like a door-mat
I will NOT be treated second-handedly
I deserve better than that
I will NOT be taken for granted
I’ve given too much to accept that
And I will accept NOTHING LESS than what I deserve
To my Beautiful Black sisters
Let this be your new anthem
Forgive the mistakes in the past but don’t forget them
Learn from them
Regardless of the bruises in your mind, body, and heart
Hold your head to the sky
And if anybody asks you ‘why?’
You tell them, I’m a PHENOMENAL WOMAN



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