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yellow was the color of innocence
the color of our freshman year
it was the shade of the v-neck you bought at forever 21, on our trip to the mall
yellow, the color of the cheesecake we shared for mary’s birthday
and yellow was the fleeting days that passed by
and then:
yellow was the color i last saw around you, in the frames and the petals
yellow was the color of the flowers - at your funeral
for me, yellow was the color of mourning.



In January of 2012, my best friend died. In a fit of mourning, I wrote this poem to commemorate the small things I remembered about her via Tumblr. I would like to take this moment to point out to never drink and drive, a lesson I'm sure all of us have heard. You never know when the life of a loved one will be taken.

Ah, and this poem is written in free verse, inspired by the Confessionalist movement and in particular, the well-regarded Sylvia Plath.

Thank you for your time & consideration.

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