Pessimistic Skeleton

I hate myself, because I'm a pessimist who desreves of the death sentence.

"Hello my my dear.

What is it that troubles you?"

Please don't ask I'll only swallow you.

After I begin to chew, I'll bury you.

Let me just apologize before hand, beause no one so far has made it into my land.

There's a dragon inside me,

I named him Depression and his brother Anxiety,

but please dont fear them.

They're only that way sometimes and can be very friendly.

I'm pretty sure I'm a rotting corpse looking for a future scoreboard.

I can never seem to find one though, even if I look outside my bedroom window.

Doesn't it please you that Im making an effort to rid myself away from you?

Perhaps I should stop talking, becuase it appears I'm begging for attention with my spews.

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