The Person You Should Really Marry

A penny for your thoughts...

Though your thoughts are worth so much more.

Pot them with love;

water them them with kindness,

and everything you want

will come to you as you grow

taller and taller

until you can see all...

Don't worry too much;

I'll catch you if you fall.

I'm the only one who will always be there;

I'm the only one you'll ever need.

And that's because we are one and the same:

You are me.

Once you learn this small truth,

your whole world will change,

because self love is the best love - the only cure-all..

the one and only way to see the world

through rose colored glass with out tricking anyone at all.

So make sure you

get married to yourself...

For better, or for worse...

in sickness and in health...

so you will always be happy being yourself.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Julien E.G

Wonderful :)

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