I am a person.

You are a person.

We are all persons.


No matter how big,

No matter how small,

We are all people.


Whatever you are going through,

Whatever is behind you,

Hold your head high.


I am a person.

You are a person.

Let that truth fly.


If they are poor or rich,

Kind or a bitch,

They are a person.


Addicted to drugs,

Nowhere to call home,

they are worth something.


Don’t judge the wicked.

Don’t think you know.

You haven’t the slightest.


We all have our trials,

Our virtues and vices,

But we are still priceless.


Let them keep dignity,

Learn some humility,

We’re all just a person.


Give respect and honor.

Love all and serve.

Make better, not worsen.


Life’s not a test,

It’s not insignificant;

You have a purpose.


Ask for the answers,

Ask the tough questions;

Go deeper than the surface.


You were made to be great.

You were made to be loved.

He’ll be strong in your weakness.


He’ll tell the truth,

He’ll keep it straight,

The one I call Jesus.



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