We are not just kids on stage. 
We are actors. 
We don't just like to be on stage. 
We love it. 

From the first scene to the last word. 
We make people sit on the edge of their seats. 
From smiles to tears. 
We make the audience remember why they came to see the show. 
Over and over and over 

We are not just actors. 
We are musicians. 
We don't just want to be on stage. 
We need to be on stage. 

From the first bar. To the last note. 
We sing like the world needs to listen. 
From the first song to the last. 
We get louder. And louder. And louder. 

We are not just musicians. 
We are performers. 
We do not just seek the stage. 
We strive for it. 

From act 1 to curtain call.
We shine like the spotlight that is on us. 
From opening night to closing night 
We get better. And better and better. 

Audiences will never forget.
And Neither will we. 
Because we are not just kids. 
We are actors, musicians... Performers.


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