Perfectly Imperfect Me


I am flawlessly flawed and that’s why I’m awed

to be in this world created by God.

Every hair on my head, even the ones still messy from bed,

Are exactly where he meant them to be.


Sometimes I misspell elementary words like compell

Or sit all alone when I hear the school bell.

But that is because the mind that is mine

Was made mathematical and introverted just for me.


 A visual-spatial learner, I am also an earner

While I d%dle and *daydream* my brain always Whirs.

My life may seem breezy and my world easy peasy

but I work hard to make life what I want it to be.


I may be no Mozart, but my music is still art

I play piano quite well and can hold any voice part.

Though my fingers may sl ip and could use a few tips

At least I was given a body that can feel, hear, and see.


Perfectly kind, I’M NOT! My temper can become quite hot

If you do something or hurt someone that perhaps I would not.

Without these imperfections and the occasional lack of direction

How would I learn that sorrow is not what I seek?


I abhor tomatoes and could live on potatoes

If it was made to be tasty I would probably eat plato.

Vegetables and diets aren’t my thing but I eat like a king

Cause' I happen to enjoy food whether or not it is good for me.


Klutzy moments aren’t proud and my laugh is obnoxioiusly loud

But the a w k w a r d e s t moments are great for a crowd.

We would all be clones and boring as drones

If we were the barbies the world would have us be.


Thank goodness I know that I reap what I sow

And that God perfectly made an imperfect me.

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