Perfectly Imperfect

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 10:32 -- mcro18

I am perfect—without flaw.

Which is to say, not a single trait I retain is held in low regard.

Not one thing of my person can be looked down upon, for I am flawless.

I stand miles above those with low self-esteem, for they don’t know, like I already do, that I am flawless.

Or maybe, all of that’s a lie.

Maybe, I’m imperfect.

Why, a lie suggests a hidden truth, and lies are rarely held as qualities of perfection.

And no, it cannot be that you and me are all the same in our inescapable awesome-ness.

We are different you and I. In how we live and how we see.

And maybe that’s what makes us flawless.

An awareness of our flaw-ed-ness.

To claim perfection precedes pretention,

But to deny such is to undermine some truth.

I am flawed, as are we all, and in this recognition we are flawless.

We transcend the judgments to be thrown;

the “flaw” concerns our youth had known.

For in this new perspective we can never fall victim.

Flaws are no longer such, they are projected insecurities.

We are all “flawed” because people are imperfect.

We are nothing but ourselves.

And it’s this newfound comfort that makes flaws our trivial fails

Through this view no flaw avails.

I am flawless—as are you.


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