Perfectly Imperfect


United States
40° 48' 13.7988" N, 112° 1' 25.644" W
My imperfections are what make me so perfect..
You see these scars do not define me.
This pain does not affect me.
I am far from a size 2.
And yes I have some nappy roots.
But I am still FLAWLESS.
My beauty runs way deeper than what you may see.
With this pen and paper I will draw my life only with words.
Giving you the insight to my imperfect perfect lifestyle.
I have been hurt, abandoned, and torn into pieces.
I have been looked at as if I was a disease and treated all the same.
But I am still FLAWLESS.
I have acne scars here, there, and everywhere..
But I will NOT cover my face to disguise my reality.
Oh and let's not forget this natural hair.
Although it does not hang down my back I am still FLAWLESS.
I hold my head up to the highest point because I am FLAWLESS.
Through every up and down that life throws my way I smile because I know I am GORGEOUS.
People will talk.
People will laugh.
People will joke.
People will hate me because I am not like them.
You see everyone strives to be different but end up being the same.
I am so imperfectly perfect that I stand out with no effort.
I am my own flaw.
I am my own imperfection.
I am my own perfect.
I embrace this thick waste, this bumpy face, and these nappy roots.
Because I am FLAWLESS and refuse to feel otherwise.
I am........ perfectly imperfect.



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