Perfectly Different


Our Beauty

 Is always being judged

Or criticized by the human eye

Beauty of today’s society

Forces us

To meet all its FOREVER...changing expectations.

Pushing us

To all look the same

Tricking us

To believe that there beauty is ok

 And ours is just lame.

When God has created us all PERFECTLY DIFFERENT

Perfect Different you say?


To embrace

 The you, you are


Any complaints

Or Judgments

When you

See yourself in a PERFECTLY DIFFERENT way

You can

Look self in the face

And love the beauty you see everyday.

You can

Walk out in the world and wear your beauty on your sleeve.

You can

See someone else's beauty and say...

“You wear your beauty in a PERFECTLY DIFFERENT way I know because I do the same"

Our beauty is PERFECTLY DIFFERENT and all God wants is for us to love and accept it.




This poem all about women embracing themselves all they have offer to world and everyone around them. 

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