Perfection Lies Within the Flawed


The most desired thing,

The all-consuming and pointless thing,

That so many obsess and hurt themselves over.


There are so many things we all want to change,

To fit into society's newest and hottest version of "perfection",

To make ourselves feel attractive and desired,

And to feel as though we are worthy of others' attention.


Perfection is a construct of society to make a standard,

A way to put pressure on all people to fit into this unattainable image,

A way for companies to lure us in and put money into products that guarantee change within a week,

And a way to manipulate our minds into believing we should look like everyone else.


This idea of perfection is flawed. 

So, are we not then perfect?

If the concept of perfection itself is flawed like we believe ourselves to be,

Then what are we aspiring to?


My body is my body.

My mind is my mind.

Conforming to society's standards of perfection is what truly hurts,

Not the so-called flaws that this image of myself seems to have according to the standard.


Whether I am skinny or curvy,

Freckled or pale,

Or in sweats or a dress,

I am perfect.


Repeat after me.

I am me.

I am beautiful.

I am flawless.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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