Perfecting Myself

Thu, 01/15/2015 - 20:17 -- AnnaP20


I see her staring at me

Both picking out each others flaws

wondering how it could be

Thinking about society laws on beauty

wishing I could withdraw.

I stare at her picking out every beauty mark;

beauty or not.

Her doing the same to me.

Can't help seeing how society

came out to be

With us looking at each others flaws

How we want to perfect ourselves.

Staring at her with her staring at me

following my every move...

Looking at what society would now call 

an average girl...

Not knowing the beauty within them 

like a rare pearl.

Gazing at her

Not knowing their may be a rare 

beauty wither her.

Staring at her with her staring at me

Her staring at herself

Me staring at me

I am her...

She is me...

Wanting to rebel against the laws of beauty,

society holds against us

But can't still help thinking

about perfecting myself.

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