The "Perfect" Girls Last Letter

Regarding the World ; I'm sorry I wasn't the perfect girlfriend, the best student, or the greatest child. Yet, I strived to accomplish much and be the greatest everything. It's just didn't work for me or I didn't work for it. I blame my self for the hurt and sorrow but I was no sociopath, masochist, or even a tormentor. I talked to everyone in my path, hated the fact a being could imply so much pain on another, and I tried to stop them when they would laugh. I saw myself as a disgrace to society; an unwanted piece. I felt my self as a parasite sucking the great out of it.  My friends saw me a "happy" and "full of joy" but I just had figured out how to hid my pain so well. I dwelled on wanderlusting peace and greatness. It is hard for me to remember when I was last happy. 


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