Penn Station

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 21:16 -- agichan

It’s just an empty room,
with people.
Their mouths move,
but nothing comes out.
A finger points furiously there.
A hand waves even further away.
A foot stomps vigorously somewhere.

The corner of their eyes crease,
even farther gone
from the chaos that is them.
Across the room,
ears are perked.
But still,
its just an empty room,
with people.

They move within and without each other.
Responding, to an unknown force.
In the center,
I stand.
My ears are perked.
nothing is there
No one is here
All that is there
is gone.

Everyone stops.
Something happened.
I strain
to see,
to hear,
to know.
My ears are perked.
My eyes observe.
Eyes that glare.
Fingers that scold.
Mouths that yell.
With nothing coming out.
No one is here.
Nothing is there.

After all,
it’s just an empty room,
with people.


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