Wed, 06/04/2014 - 16:04 -- Rhye___

I've got so many of you. 

Many different colors.

From red to green, 

Black and blue.

I've got lots of you. 


You are so smooth. 

And, you seem so nice. 

You are like my best friend, 

I can always count on you; 

Whenever no one's around. 


As soon as I reach to the cup; 

Where you lay your head, 

My fingertips touch your thin body,

And this... Just this.

My journey begins. 


A few strokes of black, 

Maybe I'll get creative,

and add red; pink or glitter. 

My imagination unfolds, 

When you touch the paper. 


"You're my favorite," I say,

"Because you've got something I like."

I find joy. And smile; because of the way

You write. 


My words flow, as each stroke, 

Is laid upon baby-blue lines,

And I am submerged in your

Tender embrace. I love you;

You're like my best friend. 


When no one's here to comfort me, 

With your silence, I find peace. 

You give me silence, when I want to be loud. 

You give me release. 


Paper without black ink,

Makes no message;

With no ink, there is no meaning. 

Nothing to say at all.


But when I find you, yes,

I have a story to tell.

And with you, in my hand;

I can escape the world,

Just you and I.  


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