A Peek Between The Covers

Creativity on my fingertips

Magic in my veins

My mind resembles a wildfire

A stallion without reins


Perhaps I've gone too far

Maybe it's time to edit

Cut this, tweak that

Once I'm done I'll share it


A pencil and some paper

That's my ball and chain

Despite the sense of bondage

I'm as free as summer rain


I can introduce you to people

And help you see their faces

They'll lead you on adventures

In local and foreign places


It's a delicate balance

Juggling the humor and the drama

The hero fights a haunted past

Who's his sidekick? A talking llama


I can bring two strangers together

Or crumble an entire nation

No harm can come from what I do

It's only my imagination


So lock me in the asylum

Just label me insane

I don't need a normal life

My joy comes from my brain.


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