Pee-Wee Versus The Parrot

I watched countless amounts of comedians,
While working on my political essays.
At one point, I thought of two funny
And gross personalities: Pee-Wee the Child and Gilbert the Parrot.

First of all, Pee-Wee is a crazy child.
He surrounds himself with strange, but wonderful inventions.
He may be cheerful and flamboyant, but he is aggressive,
Like a bull charging at the rodeo clown.

Second of all, Gilbert is a nasty bird.
He offends a lot of people by making off-color comments.
He knows he tells bad jokes, but they are tasteless like air.
The doctor gives him medicine to even him out.

Who is more psychotic? Either the child or the bird?
They both stir up a lot of controversy,
But they know how to be funny.


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