Tick, Tick-Tock, my head whirls, staring at a lonely girl

Why does it only swirl? I'm trying to focus on a pearl,

Still sitting in school, looking very cool,

Listening to a fool, an educator on a stool, 

It seems extremely unfair, that focus is not there, 

Only on that pearl is where, my head is fully aware

Of, along with that beautiful diamond, where I can impress like the Sirens

and roar like a ferocious lion, to break the awkward silence


(Sigh) it's almost time, it's my time to shine,

Not with a rhyme, but with a simple line

will that pearl lose its luster, unless I can cause some fluster, 

With my special mustard, and make them stare in wonder 

at the pearl and its beauty, like I am at this cutie 

in the stands akin to a movie, hopefully I won't come off as goofy


With the pop of the mitt, the third strike the ump emits,

That's game that's it, ended with a nasty split,

Rushed by fans, from the stands,

crushed by friends, slapped by hands,

Yet I was searching, for the pearl I was focusing,

The other pearl I am meaning, not the baseball I was playing,

Hopefully with some confidence, I can make a better stance,

Then Charlie Brown's incompetence, without any sort of consequence


Hold up there she is, standing there like Iris,

A bridge between this and waiting for a kiss

This can't be real, I must have struck a deal 

with fate, so I feel, no need to steal 

a kiss, as I approach close, time slowed heartbeat rose,

Everything froze, just a daydream, adios


Awoken to a harsh reality, it should be some sort of brutality,

The dream produced only agony, a Shakespearean tragedy

of a lonely girl, who made my head whirl

every time she makes a twirl, and transform into a pearl

A pearl that I write of, with a max effort shove, 

into the air above, flying like a white dove

into my brown glove, forming a bond of,

Like a turtledove, my only true love



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