Peace of Mind on the Shoreline

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 18:51 -- kducat


Breathing in the fresh salty breeze

I'm invincible on that shoreline.

The waves come up and brush my bare feet

As I run through the wet sand.

My body is about to burst,

But I never want this moment to end.

God is right behind me,

With me,

Pushing me farther down the shore and

Inspiring me with beautiful creations.

My sides ache;

My legs carry me faster.

I can only hear the waves,

My loud mind is silent.

I see the oceans waves and 

The sun setting on one side with

The moon rising on the other.

Each stride long and strong

Until I come to a halt, falling to the beach

Looking up to the horizon, wondering

How anyone could doubt

Somethign so breathtaking

Was created by merely nothing.

How did I keep going when I could go no more?

What gives me that inner strength?

It's the inner light that keeps me going

When I feel I can go no more.

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Goregous poem with so much imagery I miss the beach so much and this makes me remember it so peacefully amazing poem

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