You can think in a blink,

But you better not wink.

Don't scow at the Polaroids,

I know you're annoyed.

You didn't want to be there,

Because lets face it you don't really care.

You never share, but then again you don't bare this weight.

This crippling hate that makes me shake.

I wonder and wait,

But my world still quakes.

The thought of you make me believe in fate.

But unfortunately you were a fake.

Your actions caused me to break.

The fractions of your so called love were as clear as mud to me.

I notice my makeup has smeared when I look in the mirror.

I was never your 'dear.'

Not for a minute, day or week.

So take a seat.

I'm going to make you regret how you treated me.

I can never forget the pain you've caused.

You have forever destroyed my idea of love.

Don't be coy, just admit your lies.

You took advantage of me being shy.

To save myself I'll say goodbye.

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