A Patient Sea Awaiting

Solitude taught me something

By the light of an evening sky.

The leaves on the branches

Were the green of fall,

Slowly igniting in a visceral gold.

I held one cloaked in crimson.


Music drifted within a cadence;

A harmony of many insects.   

They sang of two worlds not so different,

Not as separate as we might think.

I heard the whole of connection.

As it weaved a fabric of warmth

In a place dilapidated not long ago.


Clouds dissipated in the sky,

Reflecting the stillness of my thoughts.

They watched me as I watched them.

It brought me to the here and now;

The surrealistic view of clarity.

I monitored my thoughts,

Searching for pearls amidst

A patient sea awaiting

The winds of change.  


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