Patience is a Virtue I've Yet to Find


United States
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The worst thing about myself is that I’m too goddamn impatient.
Though I’m not alone because I was born and raised in this nation
where waiting on anything from the internet to a Starbucks coffee
is such a lengthy task that we always fail to show some mercy
for the people that help to make our lives that much easier
because in the end all we care about is when we get our cheese burger.

Now this isn’t an attack on this place everyone calls home,
I’m just trying to figure out how I got to be so goddamn alone
in this world where we’re constantly surrounded by hundreds of people,
somehow I’ve gotten stuck in what seems to be the deepest hole.

See I had it all together just ten long days ago
but then I snapped and didn’t think I knew how not to show
that my heart was breaking and crumbling before my eyes
because you’d gone and left me for the Texas skies.

And I know this all happened because of just me,
I’ve got no one to blame and now I can see
that if I’d just waited seven more days
I’d be completely lost in the best kind of haze.

I had you right in the palm of my hands,
I could almost feel you but then I got too mad
and I treated you a way I’ve never done before
and now I only wake up from my eyes being too sore
from all the tears I’ve let out from the last nine nights.
Wow, my impatience sure is a goddamn sight.


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