Past Crafts the Future: Me

Before I was even a thought in my mother's mind, 

there were humans who graced the Earth. 


Artists creating new pieces to be viewed. 

Writers crafting each word, precisely. 


Mothers anticipating the birth of their children. 

Fathers setting an example and helping. 


Witnesses who made a difference, although it didn't seem like it at the time. 

Judges choosing the fate of those accused. 


War heroes who made their names known by believing in themselves. 

Soldiers risking everything to ensure another tomorrow. 


These are just some of the few who made their mark on the world by having inspiration. 

Much like them, I too have inspiration. 


But mine doesn't have just one name. 

It's not just a single person or object. 


My inspiration is the people who have existed long before me. 

Those who've experienced life's lessons and understood. 


My inspiration is the past. 

I am the future. 


Without us, there would be no present. 





This poem is about: 
Our world


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