Passive Me

Sat, 05/11/2019 - 20:40 -- daisys

Your voice slips and rolls like honey.

And, your tone sounds just as sweet.

You treat me as if I were a fragile bird.

Your gaze opens wide and centers on me.

And, for a few seconds I feel like the only person on earth.

Finally, you've learned how easily I can slip between your fingers.

Now, you're determined with a firm hold on me.



His voice rises and falls dramatically.

His laugh vibrates and scratches at the end.

His actions move quickly, and he doesn't think twice.

Some days, rudeness dominates him.

And, other days, he makes me laugh and yell at the same time.


Infinite number of faces surround me.

And, my gaze can't help but roam.

Why settle, when so many options roam.

Is that selfish of me?


I walked away from you and made my choice.

Why mold myself so dramaticallly when other times I can just sit still and wait?

Passive me, says yes.

I turn and walk towards you, but my feet don't move fast enough.

My mind becomes fuzzy and dizzy.

Why am I doing this; why am I doing you?

Just like all those other times, passive me takes over.

Her gaze pierces straight ahead into nothing.

She walks away because if you won't do it, why should she?

What's in it for me; why should I care?

Passive me, just take over.

Make the air sway around me, and make my body roam freely.

Make the sky baby blue and the air smell like grass and new beginnnings.

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Our world
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