A Passion Most Desired


Listlessness in a hole

Denouncing innocence

Denouncing predictability

Become immersed in my soul


Yet, Wait a minute

Wait a minute ......

I will be the Andgrogyny

Not a being a flesh and bone

But of a misunderstood philosophy


Look at me. No! Look at me.

Can you taste?

Can you understand?

Hips like a buxom beauty

Pride like a war-torn man


Falsefied modesty, just filthy lies

Artificial smiles

An undulating fabrication

That is right...I, the breathing dictionary

So let's provide a translation

No... this is not an embittered woman's speech


Come here, embrace it, let is swarm

Down the throat with orgasmic interludes

Distorted eroticism

Hollow as a steel barrel

Carving out an emotional schism


Caress temptation's chest

Clench mystery's hips

Stroke destiny's face

Now watch my lips


As the unsung song

With no performer

Locked in a rusted, colorful cage

Belonging to a corrupted charmer


Life be nothing but a pool

Or such as the grand palace

Eminence for the tainted noble

Crude laughter for the unknowing fool


A symbol deemed for the bizarre

That all but one knows

Eyes dart towards

Some beckoning to the crowds

Come one come all to society's freak shows


So come on baby, come on honey

Say words to a poison dish

Better be careful though

For a prayer will be a dying wish


Oh look

Only but one of many a tear

Too late to desire my absence

The Andgrogyny is already here


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