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Midnight music 
Blue paint drips from her sneakers, dancing along to purple rain she covers the scratches the scrapes from her crown of thorns. senseless noise fills her head, his calling is heard as a whisper
Every morning I awake With the Overbearing Sense of Dread That everyone Expects Me To carry Silently.  This
Will it be Instagrammed, 50 likes buttons pressed to show approval instapopularity, we can accept ourselves now filtering out sincerity in acid blue   Will it be framed on the wall
the faggot in the reflection of my space helmet visor is my only friend. with shaggy shorn hair and big eyes and a hollow cheek bone that holds in my silent tongue. i have etched lessons in my skin, leaving silver lines
Everyday in class I try to understand,Life's big picture that is so grand.To my English teacher,The curtains are black-blueBecause the author wants them to.This feeble talk of meaning has put me down under. 
Listlessness in a hole Denouncing innocence Denouncing predictability Become immersed in my soul   Yet, Wait a minute Wait a minute ...... I will be the Andgrogyny
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