passing the torch


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it all started with a wise person telling stories like a chief to his children
an old man telling not stories of fairy tale, but the tales of harsh realities of Taino Indians being enslave by someone who was actually lost when he travel to the indies
he have the nerve to call it India, where in all reality, it was call the indies
he claim to found the so call color people, it was the color people finding him
he look lost like a tourist in 42nd street walking aimlessly
yet he claim he discover the country
he use those people to discover the country
these are the same people who build materials hand made
using all parts besides a blade
yet he thanked them by capturing and strip their freedom of all that defines Taino Indians
yes, the color people fought back and stood up to what is rightfully theirs
yet we celebrate the holiday call columbus day
i'll celebrate that day alright, with my taino, afro, carribean puerto rican self with my red, white and blue
i know that all i say is true
i thank my boricua brother for conveying that important history. torch was then pass to me
i tell my students the importance of why history is meaningfully essential like vitamin A
so that way, they don't rely on books. where you think all the lies are bury? in the LIEbrary

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