The Passage of Time


Time     passes


the clock ticks


roll the days.


A child is born

Eyes open wide and she take in the world

Days turn to weeks

to months

to years.

She grows and learns and

time passes



She is off to college

growing, learning, studying

trying to keep up,

to become successful,

to become somebody.

Long days and late nights come and go.

The clock ticks away.



She starts a life for herslef,

entering the work world,

the adult world,

the real world.

Busy street and bustling bodies swirl around her

as if she has been placed in the center of a hetic hurricane.

She works, starts a family, tries to keep up as time passes



She has aged.

Wrinkles spread across her skin 

and her blonde hair has greyed.

She sits back and watches,

cars rush past like the seconds

people dash by like the minutes.

She wonders where it goes

and how it goes so quickly.

She realizes that despite her greatest attempts to keep up


Time        passed


the clock ticked


rolled the minutes.






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