Parting Ways With She

She watches the clock,

She hates to be timed.

Yet she loves the pressure of a short notice.

She learned not to be hesitant after her many setbacks.

She's be told of her potential, pst, like she didn't know,

All she needed was her royal cloak.

Embedded in silk she fears no evil,

Cause back then she felt of no worth, 

She had no desire to fly,

                             to rise,

                         or to rule,

She saw no purpose of her now faded crown,

But now,

She became acquainted with light,

She steps away, steps back 

She has no desire to fit their silhouette; instead she's eager for her own.

She sells rest for restitution,

                guilt for gratitude,

                 disloyalty for dedication,

And finally, buys into herself.

She instills creativity, glam, and makes herself the standards.

She is sophistication. Success.

She, is Me.


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