Participation (I Love Art Class)

I always got my best grades in art class

Participation grades are where it's at because

As a below-average student, even I could pass

I always got my best grades in art class. 

I was never the worst and never the best

And I think maybe that's why it hurt so much less

Than any class I'd had before

I didn't feel quite as dumb

But math and science dont come quite as easily

All my friends, they passed algebra breezily

While I asked questions I'd asked the times previously

But it still didn't make any sense-

And I know I'm mess


Three different teachers told me three different times

That my repeat questions were a waste of their time

And speaking of time, isn't this your third time taking this class?

You're starting to become a pain in my-


If you've repeated this class and you still don't get it

You never will, you should just forget it

Some people are just stupid- I get it, I get it...

But don't come back to this class. You'll regret it.


They try to understand, but when students are hectic

Its hard to deal with a struggling dyslexic

Whose answers may vary from "she tried" to "what the heck", it

Seems impossible to teach someone with questions so "ecltectic".


I stare down at my F's- or maybe they're B's-

And forget that my motto is "C's get degrees"

All because of that lonely A

That my mom will hang on the fridge to display

I love art class and participation grades

I admire my choices of tints, use of shades- 

And that no one has asked me about the interesting hues

And no one has asked my why the apple is blue

And they think I'm creative because they don't know the truth

I'm colorblind.

This poem is about: 
My community


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you're an A student to God

being dyslexic is what the world labels you as

God labels you as His child that loves and blesses you with gifts

it's how you use it, and glorify The Lord


promote this poem on my group mvp

you are a magnificent writer

i don't know if you're the tri state area, but there's an open mic next friday in the bronx

Kait McSwagger

I can't express how much this means to me! I'm not from the bronx, I'm actually in Mississippi, so there's not too many opportunities that I know of to share- that's why any feedback I can get is so amazing, good or bad. Thank you for encouraging me to share- I was starting to think this was something I shouldn't really get too into because it was pointless but I am learning to love it so much!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

one of the saddest things in life is wasted talent

everything you do will shape your life forever

nothing you do is pointless

continue to write off what you know and be bold, be fearless like paul when he convey God's words to people who were lost

do me a favor , check out my poems and see if my work inspires/touches your heart

Kait McSwagger

Absolutely. :)

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