A Part of Me

I. Then The sky wasSo beautiful The endless infinity staring backDark in the kind of wayThat made me thinkOf silence SilenceAlways reminded meOf darknessMaybe because of how it feltWrapped around the quietThe blackness of it allSeeping into your bonesSparked behind your eyes The stars wereSo beautiful Such small lightFlecked across the darknessFrom a paint brushFreckles dusted along the skyLike on shoulders in sun I could have laid out under themTrying to count them all until I fell asleepHad I not been so afraidOf rocks catching in my shoesOr lightning bugs resting on my fingertips The horizon wasSo hideous It was swollen against the skyStars fading against the cloudsLooming across the plain of trees Flashes of light far more powerfulThan the starsIlluminated the deep colors of the stormClouds swirling angrilyAs the lightning flashedI didn't hear the thunderI didn't see the rain As I slept that nightAmongst the darknessAnd the silenceI sawThe skyAnd the starsAgainst the backOf my eyelids I could have stayed that nightAnd stared at the skyAnd the starsForeverHad I not been afraidOf the stormSitting soundlessly against the horizon I thought about how they were a part of meThe skyAnd the starsHow we were madeWith stardustIn our veins II. Now Once againThe light moves quicklyGone before I can catch itI sit in the dark Silence is brokenBy droning fansIn cold rooms I think backTo when I thoughtSo highly of the skyThe stars I think backTo the fears I harboredOf the stormOf the lonely dark I think backTo the person I wasThe light that shone in my eyesIs different now I think backTo what I've been throughThe pain I've sufferedThe joy I've experienced I think back To when I thoughtThe sky and the starsWere a part of me Only nowAfter it allI realizeI was wrong They are not a part of meThey never wereNever will beFor, I am the skyI am the starsI am    


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