Parent's Love

Some nights full of tears

Others full of tossing and turning

I've put all the code in my brain to fall asleep

But I can’t.


I can’t stop remembering

How my words and actions of endearment were turned into weapons against me.

Your words were filled with acid

That pierced through my toughened skin.

The memory of you raising your cold calloused hand against my nine year old cheek

Still remains in the back of my head.

Since that night,

Everything I once saw beauty in

Looked dull and grey.

Any human touch made me numb.

Everything I did was a routine that you encoded in me.


I gave up the one thing that made me human.

Free will.

Because I loved you, Mom.


But, things are different now.

I gained my free will for one second and my life changed


When I receive warm embraces from him I feel life.

Everything around me has a new gleam that I may not have perceived before

No longer are my words a double edged sword

But a symphony returned with a melody of his words.


However, I have yet to escape your grasps.

There are still nights where I wake up remembering how your love hurt me.

But I know with time I can recover


Because my dad loves me.


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My family
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I love this poem. I could feel the strong words as i was reading this, very powerful and well done

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