My parents do not understand me,
They don't teach me,
They don't show me,
They don't tell me anything,
Because I am me,
My brothers and my sister,
Know what to do,
Because my parents tell them,
Not me,
Because I am the responsible one,
I don't care,
If they don't come to my activities,
Because they have meetings,
Or go watch my brother or sister in sports,
Yes I do care,
I want them to come,
To watch me shine,
To give me pep talks,
Support me,
And say "That's my little girl."
Dad taught my brother to cook,
Why can't Daddy teach me?
Mommy always lectured me,
Because I am not like her,
But did she lecture my brother?
Her baby,
Why can't they see I need them?
Why can't they understand I want them to support me,
To love me,
To treat me the same,
Not like I am invisible,
Or stupid,
I am not stupid,
Nor invisible,
But I am to them,
What did I do wrong?
I am a good daughter,
I get good grades,
I can take care of myself,
But for once,
I wish they would just look at me,
And see me,
Not a dumb girl with ADHD,
Not themselves,
Just me.


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