Sometimes i worry too much. Its  paranoia ,  

ifell in love wit this girl , sometimes i wonder ,

if what i have is enough , i really love her ,

i really care ,  yea my heart , i share

&& , babygirl ,  i want you , i need you ,

you look right through me , have me thinkin that im see through ,

you say you want me , but yet i hardly see you  ,  

convicted injected your heart , its lethal ,

so wish security over my worries ,

paranoia pushed me . Back from the glory ,

but i aint gon stop , till tell my story ,

young kid , big dreams ,

listen close , dont ignore me ,

 im tryna make a better future for myself ,

fame , women , the wealth ,

 blast the music till im def ,

and even when times gone and im laid beneath ground ,

youll still catch me jiggin , to the music i put out


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