I may not be able to speak

Yet, I'm begging to

For I have still so much to prove

I feel as if there is nothing I can do

I'm paralyzed

The movement in me is no longer

Yet., my other senses have been getting stronger

I now feel with my eyes

And my hearing is strong

But,still things seem so wrong

I used to take advantage

Of the chance to run

I used to complain an say it was no fun

But now I would give anything for just one..

I would give anything for just one step

To feel the ground beneath me

To touch the dirt between my toes

And see the world as you all see

For I cannot explain and nobody knows...

Nobody knows what it's like till they are here

And no words I use can make it clear

For my body stays still

While my mind run wild

I fly.

I fly to my world where I can turn my neck to look at you when you speak

I fly to my world so that I get a chance to seek...

To find what I need to do with  life

To find where I'm useful

For when I lay in this hospital bed

My eyes may be open

But the pictures run through my head

That very day changed me

That very day changed anthing I would ever be

For my body is here

But my sole is not


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