Parallels of the Middle

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 20:31 -- bchu14



Too old to be cared for, too young to be respected

John was very obedient, yet still quite neglected


A sad story it is, but not very rare

As many others in his class, had similar tales to share


At home, his younger sister was loved and more

While his older brother escaped every single chore


Everyday went like this, as the issues grew

Until outside forces helped make the house blue


Depression started to find a place in the house

As debts sucked their money dry, much like a louse


Even while distraught, Mrs. Doe kept to her routine

Coddling her baby and, from John’s obedience, glean


With no hope in sight, John’s hope began to dim

Much like a luckless, Tiny Tim


As John’s family ran out of money

Only his siblings were given honey


Time passed by and John never knew relaxation

Carrying the slack of his siblings was John’s most familiar sensation


Sad and overworked, “When will this ever end?” John sometimes asked himself

But never would he take action and continue to provide his siblings’ wealth 


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