middle class

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I'm sorry I'm not Malia  With her future set higher than the sky Because my father was not the president  And I can only hope to get so high   I'm sorry I'm not accepted to Harvard
Let us go you, and I. To the land of the free Where freedom sways in the quenched air Or so they say.
College. Every young girl and boy's dream.  A place where you create your niche. And become skilled. Hopefully enough to prosper.   They build you up to it your entire life. 
  Too old to be cared for, too young to be respected John was very obedient, yet still quite neglected   A sad story it is, but not very rare As many others in his class, had similar tales to share  
I love the outdoors, and the sunshine. I love walking with my boyfriend, and spending time with my family. I love enjoying life, and thinking about the bright future that lies ahead of me. So, what don't I love?
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