Thu, 10/03/2013 - 22:17 -- mguzman

Dont make me laugh

I mean it

I feel its rude

No, not you, 

Oh I can handle you


I was taught its impolite to laugh at others

Your ignorance at my work

Your comments about smoking weed

How I should smoke a blunt too

Or maybe just give up and drop out


Oh wait, now you think you have a point

Just becuase all my siblings droppes out

Or becuase Im the only one without a kid

Ohhhh, you mean because I'm Latina and live in the Bronx


Well, Papito, let me tell you something

I'm not my sister or my brother

Yes, Im in college

And FINISHING it for sure


Im in a Honor's Program

And what's that mean to you

It doesnt matter,

It's up to you to shut your mouth


Its up to you to keep on talking

You could think Im wasting my time

Or keep on thinking Im trying to be "white"

But let me tell you, even if its up to you


My life is up to me!


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