The Paper Ship



My soul is an origami ship.
One of paper, creases, and folds-
And I am the captain of this ship,
But must do what I am told.
The master paper- folder knows when she is fit to sail.
So he hides the ship In his weathered hands,
as I hold to its rail.
He lets the tempests hit the deck 
And then decides its fate...
To allow the ship to bare the storm
Or to keep it dry and wait.
He releases the ship into the black sea below
It is a pathway to salvation, I hope
To see how my soul fares when I'm alone-
If it can bare the sea...
The wind tears at my little sails
The waves crash over the deck
My mast is broken
I can't go on 
So I go running back
The rain drops mix among my tears.
The thunder shakes the sky.
The waves crash down upon my head!
My time approaches to die!
I watch the bulwark shattered to pieces
Against the mighty stones.
The sails are torn and cleaved in two;
While the wind whistles and screams and moans.
The old weathered hands open again,
With no ferocity.
I can't go on.
I won't go out.
Don't send me back to sea!
But I know that I must.
And I know that I can.
I cannot grieve and weep.
My ship was made for larger storms,
Though I am frail and weak.
But My soul is an origami ship. 
One of paper, creases and folds-
And I am the captain of this ship,
But must do what I am told


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