Frail, weak, innocent

You don't taste the poison in your tea

You don't notice the thorns in the roses

But as you begin to grow,

So does your mind

You see things, experience things, learn things

It changes your persepctive of the inside

It changes your mentality

It changes you

But along with the growth on intelligence

Comes the growth of mistakes

You thought you weren't scared,

It turns out you were terrified

Still frail, still weak. 

But not innocent. 

You finally open your mouth, 

you release your voice that you've come to love.

The voice that had matured

But as you utter those words, 

You begin to realize that you released

An untamed beast

That was killed,



And the words that slid off your tongue like ice

Flow off your pen like a stream of water.

The words come together to form feelings.

Those feelings that decorate your paper,

The true voice that no one can take away

And at that moment, your brain clicks

And finally recognized;

Paper has more patience

Than people.

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