Pandora Posts

I, Pandora

The queen of Instagram, influencer of all

Adjust my lighting, find my angle 

A chime and a swipe, and I see her puckered lips

my biggest competitor, duckfacing for the world 

what a loser, I DM my closest friends

I smush my face together and send the two pictures for comparison 

laughing, laughing, posing for an audience of one, me 

Suddenly my phone chimes...and chimes...and chimes

Cyberbulling at its finest, user Zuesdude123 writes

and there, below, is my imitation for the world to see


sigh of relief. its over

and yet...

Zuesdude123 writes, screenshot time

Chime, chime, chime, 

my followers tick down and down and down

Chime, chime, chime, 

I can't even take it back 

Chime, chime, chime, 

Because once something is out of the box...

It's out forever. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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