Paint out the Grief

A little dot here

A splash of color there

Just add a little bit of "omph" everywhere.


My soul has been unleashed

My attention must not cease

I want to forget; that is my silent prayer.


The brush brings me solace

From memories of the souless 

The one who was never there.


So I paint away till the day fades to grey

Are my burdens gone? No, they still weigh.

They are here for me to bare.


The bargain begins to wipe away his sins

Speak to him, ev'n though the pain like pins

Hangs as a shadow, his curse to share.


A break I need, lets paint and see

What beauty I can share: it's my hope and plea

Let the brush awaken, revive, and repair.


But the brush can't undo what has been done

He has decided to abandon his little someone

So precious and dear, now in exploding disrepair.


So begins the anger, an explosion of life

To bring out the fear and release the strife

A force equal to his sins of neglect unfair


A return to the brush, let the calm come back

Paint something new as a refreshing snack

Anger unwanted, be quick like a solar flare.


The sadness returns, a familar feeling

Perhaps the final gate to my hoped for healing

The attempt to regain has led to nowhere.


The reunion failed, but something new has sprung

The paint strokes of grief grew to new power sung

Of images painted with practice and care.


Throughout the despair, paint has relieved my soul

Now an illustrator to be, a much worthy goal

A path of joy to pursue and dare.


Father I forgive you, but let us part

As daughter unknown, who loves to make art

And as stranger entitled to pay for my precious photoshop flair.

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