Painful Truth

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 06:30 -- lprovo

Painful Truth


Believe that i'm hurting,

The pain left is deep,

And you should have no place,

My heart you can't keep.


You literally took,

The last left of me,

I'll be jaded forever,

Locked away with a key.


I will not be fooled,

Or let anyone in,

My heart is not a game,

no prize you can win.


I realize now,

How foolish I was,

To think I could love you,

It was nothing but lust.


And as many times,

As I let you back in,

You would think I would have realized,

You were nothing but sin.


I hate you with everythin,

You're only disgust,

I hope karma comes for you,

And turns your heart into rust.


You will get what you gave,

My love is not your loss,

Just wait until you realize,

Your pain comes at a cost.


And I hope it hurts,

Shatters your heart,

And leaves you empty, alone,

And rips you apart.


That's just the beginning,

I burn for you to feel,

What it's like to be so miserable,

Believe nothing will heal.


Cry unending,

Alone in your bed,

Thinking to yourself,

Maybe i'm better off dead.



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