Painful Illusions

An Illusion is defined by something that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived 

Or interpreted by the senses

I was once like that, dillusioned and deceived

Thanks to my naivity, I had faced dired consequences


Thanks to my desperation for love

And complete and disolate void in my heart called loneliness

I had forgot my love for my Saviour above

My whole life had become codious 


I was constantly stuck in my own imagination

Wanting to talk to people but at the same time not wanting to

Constantly suffering from social starvation

Turning to the internet was my cue


For a while, I was at my happiest

Talking to people I had never met behind a black Dell monitor

We were young and my friends were the friendliest

A young girl never realized what would bomb soon on her


Now, I have no friends

Thanks to a discovery

I have to start all over again and make amends

It'll be one hell of a long recovery

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