Pain is Just a Consequence of Love


You smell like heaven,

and I’m enamored by the possibilities,

but I know what possibilities lead to



Or a broken heart.

I’m ready to step off the edge,

but you’re unmoving…

I let you pull our hips closer together,

I let you hold my hand,

I let our legs intertwine,

your heart pounds in my ear,

yet you could never be farther away,

the fervor is gone.

I would drop everything for you…

Who am I kidding,

I’ve already fallen.

Move your fingertips down my spine,

grab my waist,

the tip of my nose presses on your jawline…

I feel your eyelashes on my cheekbones,

yet there’s only air.

I hear you whisper in my ear

when you’re nowhere near me.

I tell you I love you…


And my heart breaks.



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