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WHY, should I feel discouraged?
Why should my life be in disarray?
Why can’t, as a black man I be given a fair shot.
I make good grades;
I do volunteer work,
the captain of the wrestling and boxing team at my school.
But yet I still am seen as inadequate,
to my white counter parts.
The day President Obama was elected
was one of the proudest days in Black Culture & History.
But in the eyes of conservative Americans (whites),
it was the beginning to the end of America.
When the most powerful man in the world is disrespected.
Withheld from putting things through,
because of personal bias. Because he is seen as a fascist, and a radical,
who wants to control every facet of government?
Because he is different from every single president that we had before.
How should we be expecting anything different?
He is treated terribly,
and disrespected in ways, that we wouldn't imagine. Why? Because he is different?
Hmmmmmmmm....... I wonder what is different about this president;
compared to other presidents...
I just can’t figure it out?
The President is being disrespected.
That is wrong, why because as African Americans,
we are never given a fair shot.

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