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Pain you're the dark, grey, cloud that covers the sun, and what takes light away All that you have left me with is this cold, bare, lonely darkness You're the one who causes all of my suffering You're the cause of the river I have created with all the tears I have cried You not only cause the scars in my heart but also the ones on my wrist They will always be there, a reminder of what you have caused, and to remind me to be ready for when you come again You have brought me torture and suffering You are a thief that waits till I'm at my brightest, happiest moments and that is when you steal my light, the happiness that I once felt You are the dark shadow, the one that is always lurking waiting for the perfect moment to strike You are the sharp knife that stabs me in the heart where it hurts the most I know that you will always be with me, right by my side You may be my enemy but I must thank you my dear enemy, you are the one who gave me strength The strength to overcome what you bring me, you gave me this power to keep moving me matter what you bring in my path, I will always find the bridge that lets me continue on my journey Although you are my greatest fear and my greatest enemy, you are also my dear beloved friend; you have given me strength even though you don't know it I thank you for giving me this precious gift, for it is my secret weapon which I will use against you to win the many battle we shall have


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